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Tuesday August 28 • 2018
James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art • St. Petersburg, FL • map
Five After Five
w/Chuck Reily (bass), Johnny Zoom (drums), TJ Weger (steel guitar), and Jeremy Douglass (piano)
showtime 5-8PM • more info

Sunday September 2 • 2018
Emerald Bar • St. Petersburg, FL • map
An all-star benefit for Kim Dicce
w/Chuck Reily (bass), Johnny Zoom (drums)
doors 3PM, SRB performs ~8PM • more info

Sunday October 7 • 2018
Independent Bar & Cafe • Seminole Heights/Tampa, FL • map
Sunday School For Sinners
w/Chuck Reily (bass), Johnny Zoom (drums)
showtime 6-9PM • more info

Sunday October 21 • 2018
Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe • Seminole Heights/Tampa, FL • map
w/Chuck Reily (bass), Johnny Zoom (drums), and TJ Weger (steel guitar)
showtime 6-9PM • more info