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Sara "Rose" Hagan • vocals
Born and raised in Ocala, Florida, Sara Hagan is the pint-sized vocal powerhouse that fronts the Sara Rose Band. (Rose is Sara's mother's name and what's more country than naming your band after your mama?) Throughout her youth, Sara was the go-to girl when a vocalist was needed for a county fair, holiday celebration, or charity event in Marion County, earning a lifetime's worth of on-stage experience before she'd gotten her driver's license. In addition to accolades for her vocals stylings, Sara has been crowned the Underwater Hang Gliding Champion of Marion County an unprecedented 47 times in a row. (Not true.)

Mark Warren • guitar/vocals
A native of Clearwater, Florida, Sara Rose Band guitarist and bandleader Mark Warren credits his mother's artistic inclinations and European background as the catalyst for his wide-ranging musical tastes. A childhood spent hearing everything from Mozart and Beethoven to Machito and Tom Jones led, naturally, to a mature adulthood channeling the ghosts of Danny Gatton and Don Rich. Prior to forming the Sara Rose Band, Mark was a part of a number of well-regarded (or at least well-known) Tampa Bay ensembles including Vodkanauts, Barely Pink, Sarge and the Aeromen, Leonard Croon Band, Joybuzzer, and Mod-L Citizen.

"Hot Rod" Todd Fermanich • drums
Hailing from the land of ice and snow, i.e. Wisconsin, "Hot Rod" Todd Fermanich played full-time with a number of regional A-circuit touring acts. Following several years in South Florida, Todd eventually relocated to the Tampa Bay area and the Sara Rose Band is Todd's first musical outing since. And no, he doesn't miss the snow.

Bill Lex • bass

with special guests including

Jim Terry • pedal steel guitar

TJ Weger • steel guitar

Jeremy Douglass • piano

Tom Kersey • cello

Greg Holt • fiddle